My reward for ticking ‘blog’ off my bucket list was a trip to the cinema.  Movies are a favourite method of escapism for me, but it’s been way too long since my last choc top.

Because it was Australian, starred Magda Szubanski, and was showing before my pick-up deadline, I chose to see Goddess.

Well, what a delightful surprise!  It was gorgeous, joyous, unpretentious, and a good time (best shared with girlfriends).

The radiant Laura Michelle Kelly spreads infectious ditties via webcam from her kitchen sink, becomes a cyber-sensation, then masters the illusive fame/family juggle.

I love that Australia makes musical movie magic like this.  I skipped from the cinema smiling.

Ironic that my escapism attempt saw me engrossed in a flick about a mum ranting into cyberspace.  Hmmm, if only I could sing, or looked as good in a rubber-glove gown.