Stop being busy.  Press pause.  Make some space.

Be still and silent.  Close your eyes.  Quieten your mind.  

Breathe.  Deeply.  Right into the floor of your lungs.

Switch off.  Seek peace.

Sit in the sun, soak it in and daydream.

Go somewhere tropical, where the air is thick, the pace is slow, and the enormous plant leaves dwarf your troubles.

Enjoy yoga on the beach at sunrise.  Stretch.  Swim.  Move.

Indulge in uninterrupted, deep and meaningful conversation with a friend who really knows you and loves you anyway.

Eat more raw food.  Drink water.  Try something new (like spanner crab).  Devour coconut gelato in a waffle cone.  And make your menu selection the most difficult decision of your day.

Relax.  Sleep.  Recharge.  Get a massage and facial.

Read a book, in a day, which makes you think differently.

Unplug.  Switch off.  Open up.

Walk on the beach.  Climb stairs.  Puff.  Enjoy the view.  Wander through the rainforest.

Sleep is deeper.  Food tastes better.  And your gratitude and happiness blossom.

I have resisted and rebelled against this advice for decades.  Silly me.  
But a week in Port Douglas with my childhood bestie has helped me find my centre again.  

Take your leave people.  For yourself.  And I don’t just mean a family holiday (which is really just parenting made more difficult by an unfamiliar environment).  I mean a REAL holiday.  Where YOU get a break.  Make the time.  Do it.  

I’d love to know what you choose to do to rejuvenate.