I shot my sister-in-law yesterday (that’s her blue bump).  And while developing her images I realised that waiting makes me happy.

Admiring her beautiful bulging belly, with my new niece or nephew snug inside, I reveled in the anticipation of meeting her/him.

I believe that having things to look forward to is essential for happiness.

So tonight I’ll enjoy a slow cooked lamb curry.
Tomorrow Hubby returns from a fortnight interstate.
This weekend very dear (but seldom seen) friends are coming for dinner.
Next week I’m seeing The Great Gatsby with girlfriends and bubbly.
Next month we’ll welcome my new niece or nephew into the world.
Before Christmas we’re whisking the kids away to Bali for a week.
And next year we have a long awaited family wedding to celebrate.

So there are exciting times ahead.  And I’ll relish the lead up excitement.

Amidst our culture of convenience and instant gratification, it’s nice to remember that waiting sometimes enhances our enjoyment.

For too long I told myself that things will be better when I just meet this deadline, or lose that weight, or pay off X, or get through Y.

But what is infinitely more satisfying is accepting today and hopefully anticipating what’s to come.

What are you looking forward to?