ImageI’ve been in a funk this week. So tonight I took myself to the theatre (say it with jazz hands).

I put on a va-voom dress and red lippy, and arrived in time to soak up Melbourne’s stunning State Theatre with a glass of bubbly before the lights went down.

The Production Company’s Gypsy and was my chosen indulgence, and it was glorious.

Set in the 1930s and 1940s it’s the story of the showbiz obsessed stage mum behind the biggest burlesque star ever.

Caroline O’Connor plays the lead, Rose, to perfection. That woman is a force! And tonight she gave a world class performance. She had the audience breathless when she belted out Everything’s Coming Up Roses to send us to interval. I have never heard so many wow’s in the queue for Cornettos.   

I am in awe of Caroline. Her ambition almost stamped high heels through the stage boards, and her voice made the gold baubles on the ceiling vibrate with blind optimism. She is one woman (and a little one at that) but she filled a sell-out theatre with incomparable talent.    

Supported, on stage, by a 24 piece orchestra and an iconic score it made for a magical evening of escapism.

Of all the art forms, I have always loved musical theatre the most. Life set to music. Emotions indulged with lyrics that let us linger, wallow, and feel deeply and unapologetically. People choreographed to make living look beautiful. Color coded and styled heroes and villains. Tap dancing. Sequins. And happy endings, mostly.

I know it’s not for everyone, but it most definitely makes me feel just a little more glamorous. I sashayed from the red velvet theatre tonight with a little Gypsy Rose Lee saunter in my step.

I have been to The Production Company performances before, and been underwhelmed, but Gypsy is wonderful. Tomorrow is your last chance to see it. Grab yourself a ticket. You’ll thank me.