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Ben, happy in his bear beanie

Hellooo!  It’s been too long between post, I know.  Winter froze my words.

I’ve been busy with a family full of icky tums and runny bums (TMI?) and some deadlines of my own too.

Here’s a snapshop of my winter, I’m…

Making: Odd craft projects inspired by Mr Maker and my 4 year old.

Cooking: Magic chicken soup to rid loved ones of the lurgy.

Drinking:  Diet Coke again.  I have fallen off my detox wagon, for now.  Don’t judge.

Reading:  Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  Saw her speak about embracing vulnerability so we can live wholeheartedly.  Inspired.

Wanting:  To get my hands on my brand new nephew, but he’s in Hong Kong.

Looking:  At my photography with fresh eyes thanks to my new student status.

Playing:  With the hepcats this weekend because I am judging the Australian Jitterbug Championships.

Wasting:  Time.  And enjoying every second of it.

Sewing:  Hand-stitched height charts for my sprouting sons.

Wishing:  I was in town to attend the first One Fine Day wedding event at Abbotsford Convent on 25 August.  

Enjoying:  Swing dance classes, after almost a decade off the floor.  Too long.

Waiting:  For our family escape to sunny Queensland, soon.

Liking:  Gorgeous new alternative wedding mag and blog, Hello May.

Wondering:  Why I have not owned flanelette sheets before.  So wonderful.

Loving:  Paton’s new bed blanket.  Now I just need crochet lessons from my Great Aunty Marj!  

Hoping:  To instill my love of theatre in my sons.  Took them to see seven tapping fellas, and one sassy chick, in Hot Shoe Shuffle.  

Marvelling:  At people who get out of their own way long enough to write a book.

Needing:  To see my mum.

Smelling:  A lemon and thyme chook roasting.

Wearing:  A gorgeous MAC lippy called Perpetual Flame.

Following:  The Hoopla.

Noticing:  The blossoms blooming all over town.

Knowing:  The days are long but the years are short.

Thinking:  That I love being the boss of me.

Bookmarking:  99U and LifeHack.

Opening:  Parcels, daily.  Must find some restraint when online shopping!

Giggling:  At my 2 year old’s frequent use of the word ‘actually’. Actually mum, I like pink.  Actually, I am not tired.  Actually, I don’t like beans.

Feeling:  Very content.

The format of this post is Pip Lincolne’s from Meet Me at Mikes.  Some of my other favourite bloggers are playing along too, see Kate Ulman from Foxes Lane (and check out her gorgeous new book, Vantastic).

So what have you been up to?
Cut and paste Pip’s list and let me know where to find your answers.


Inspired by Pip Lincolne and her #52lists I decided to jot down, in no particular order…

Things that made my March magical.

1. Quitting my day job.  More on this soon.

2. The Port Fairy Folk Festival – sleeping on the lounge floor in a house full of people who’ve known me since birth, and sharing a weekend choc full of music, in a picture perfect setting with flawless weather.  Woke to waves.  Swam solo.  And now my 4yo son makes up his own folk songs absentmindedly while travelling in the car.  Melts me.

3. Clare Bowditch – and her Big Hearted Business conference where I found my peeps, learned to appreciate being a multi-passionate-sensitive-creative-type, and was flooded with inspiration.  Clare’s joyous new album “The Winter I Chose Happiness” is helping me hold on to this feeling.

4. Making lasagne from scratch.  In fact, did quite a bit of baking.  None of it more satisfying than cooking for two mum’s with new babies.

5. Reading a book from cover to cover in a weekend.  Catherine Deveny’s “The Happiness Show” is a fabulous romp of a read with a truly satisfying ending.  She toys with relationship taboo’s and left-behind love.  And she made me laugh lots.

6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – My 4yo son has been singing a medley of these tunes since we saw the show so beautifully staged.  A magic, floating, flying car that runs on manners.  Just gorgeous!

7. Sleep – I nodded off mid Endota massage for the first time ever.  Bliss.

8. Christening the newly renovated home of treasured friends – with slow roasted pork belly and stone-fruit tart cooked simultaneously in new twin ovens.  Oh how I love friends who can create beautiful spaces and love entertaining.

9. Hanging washing – My younger self would never have believed this could be true.  But hanging washing means the sun is shining, I am hearing birds in my backyard, and my boys are in their sandpit where their shouting is much less deafening.

10. Family photos – Nobody likes having their photo taken, but everyone loves a good photo of themselves.  The gorgeous Angie Baxter created a collage for my hallway which beautifully captured the four of us happy together.

11. Dying eggs and making pom-poms with the kids – We decorated our Easter holiday cabin.  Handling a ball of wool took me straight back to the craft project basket Mum used to keep by the telephone desk which I was little.

12. Being celebrant for a beautiful wedding in Daylesford.  He is an Australian Youth Ambassador and she is an aid worker.  The world is a better place for their union.  The bride, groom, ceremony and reception at Frangos & Frangos were stunning!

13. Showers – long, hot and uninterrupted every Tuesday.  I did not appreciate this utter luxury until four years ago when motherhood saw it cease.

14. Playing on a jumping pillow with 4yo Declan, who broke his femur doing just that last year.  His joy and my relief made for a perfect play date.

15. Cheeky 3pm wine and cheese with good friends on a sunny Easter Sunday.

16. Mid-day cinema date with a long neglected girlfriend.  New friends are fun, but the perspective of someone who has known you through multiple boyfriends, career moves, fads and failures is solid gold.

17. Joining the gym… and eating almost my body weight in Cadbury eggs.

18. Painted toenails and yellow sandals – scream sunny days and leisure time every time I look down.

19. Cuddles with one of the newest additions to our chosen family, baby Mia.

20. My 1yo son’s first Easter egg hunt and watching his chubby fingers delicately unwrap mini-eggs.

Tell me, what are you doing that makes you happy?